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Weak Mind, Weak Fist. Strong Mind, no need for Fist.

Sifu Johnson maintains an informal, ego-free environment at the VTSDA, modeled after Sifu Ip Ching’s class at the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong. The academy does not use a system on contracts, belt-rankings or tests.

If you want to be able to defend yourself; if you do not want to be a victim, then this is the place to train. Keep in mind that the art of Ving Tsun is NOT A SPORT!..nor is it a “10 easy lessons to learn to defend yourself ” course…it is a comprehensive system of Kung Fu, and that is the approach we take at the academy. If you are looking for sport or MMA, this is not the place for you. The VTSDA is a traditional Kung Fu Kwoon, and not just a brawling academy or fight club.  Here we teach the art of Ving Tsun for self defense and self improvement and we also teach the code of conduct and ethics that goes along with the martial arts, something that is sadly missing from most martial arts schools these days.

Those who put time and effort into their training will see, through their own experience that Ving Tsun, correctly executed, is a highly effective system of self defense. Students advance in the system based on appropriate commitment, effort, attendance and attitude, and their individual readiness for learning new material.

The study of ving tsun is cumulative - the more you train the more you get out of your training.


Sifu Matt teaches the complete Ving Tsun system and its applications:

* 1st form, ‘siu lim tau’

* 2nd form, ‘chum kiu’

* 3rd form, ‘biu gee’

* wooden dummy form, ‘mook yan jong

  • sticking hands ‘chi sau’ practice
  • the pole form, ‘luk dim boon quan’
  • butterfly knives, ‘baat jam doe’


Sitting meditation is a practice that calms and focuses the mind. Meditation helps students improve their kung fu skills and reduces stress in every day life. Students who meditate regularly feel an increase in over-all well being and contentment. They also experience an increased ability to respond with patience and flexibility to life’s everyday challenges.


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