Is it “Wing Chun” or Ving Tsun” ?

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So what is “Wing Chun” kung fu and is it different from “Ving Tsun” kung fu?

Well, actually they are the same martial art. There’s no difference at all. Some use the more westernized translation of the Chinese characters by spelling it “Wing Chun” and some use the more traditional Chinese translation of the characters “Ving Tsun”, which is actually closer the the Cantonese way of pronouncing the characters. Either way you spell it, it can be pronounced as “Wing Chun,” and is still a fantastic system of self defense and self cultivation.

Here at the Academy we use the spelling “Ving Tsun” to show our connection to Sifu Ip Ching and our Kung Fu family in Hong Kong, and to uphold the tradition of Grandmaster Ip Man, who spelled the art with the VT spelling in his writings on the system. Sifu Ip Ching also uses this spelling for his association, so we do as well.

But as to any difference in the art, there is no difference at all.374044_3318364472933_1493433337_n