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The school is located in Pilsen
1839 S Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60608
Phone us at: 773/301-6257
Please note the CTA bus Route 8 stops right in front of the building.
There’s also plenty of free street parking all within short walking distance.

At the VTSDA classes are conducted in a combination of formal and informal training. For some of  the time, students are given directed instruction, in other words they are guided thru forms, drills etc. that will advance their skill and understanding. Time is also given for free training, what we refer to as “Hong Kong” style training. This is the way most classes are run in Hong Kong, including Sifu Ip Ching’s class at the VTAA. During this part of the class students are free to work on whatever aspect of the system they want to focus on, and work at their own pace. It might be forms, chi sau practice, wooden dummy practice, heavy bag training, self defense training, etc. During this part of the class Sifu Matt will observe the students training, go from person to person to answer questions, make corrections, do Chi Sau, show the next part of a form, etc. This type of training makes it possible for students to develop at their own pace, and in their own way, understanding how to make the system work for themselves instead of constantly being told what to do and how to do it. In this way of training, they learn to make the Ving Tsun their own. In a students early stages, much of the time is spent in structured training with Sifu Matt or an assistant instructor of the academy. This ensures that they get the best possible foundation and that the fundamentals of the Ving Tsun system are understood and thoroughly trained. If these fundamentals are solid, the students Ving Tsun will be good and they will progress the fastest in the long run. Like Sifu Matt always says, “Having a high level of skill in Ving Tsun comes down to having good solid fundamentals.” This unique way of running classes is not common in most martial arts schools, but it ensures the best and fastest possible progress for the students. Here at the Academy we offer both daytime and evening classes 5 days per week to fit your schedule.

Open classes 

Monday through Thursday 6-9pm Saturday 12pm-3pm
IMG_7519 Private LessonsIMG_5193 Private lessons are the traditional way that the art of Ving Tsun kung fu is taught.  Here at the Ving Tsun Self Defense Academy we offer private lessons (one on one with the teacher) as well as semi-private lessons (2 to 4 people). If your schedule does not permit you to attend the open class, then private training may be for you. If you’re already an experienced practitioner of the art, training privately with Sifu Matt is a sure way to deepen your understanding and take your training to the next level. Private lessons can also be combined in monthly packages that include both private and group class training for the best of both worlds. In the private lesson, you can learn the system directly from the Sifu, and in the open class you get to train with many different students with different levels of experience as well as learning how to apply your Ving Tsun against different body types, which is a very important part of the training. Private lessons usually run 1 to 1-1/2 hrs in length. The cost is $100 per lesson, $75 per lesson if you are a member of the academy enrolled in the open class. The semi-private lessons are $50 per person, per hour. Call or e-mail for the cost of private/open class packages. A private training session may be arranged during these hours: Monday thru Friday 4-6pm Saturday:  10am-12pm