Matt Johnson Ving Tsun Association Gathering and Training Intensive

ImageCome to Chicago for a chance to pick the brain of Sifu Matt Johnson: a sifu with a deep understanding of Ving Tsun, 25 years of experience, total dedication to the system and who travels year after year, to learn directly from Ip Ching. This is also your chance to hang out and chi sau with your Ving Tsun brothers and sisters from all over the coutry.

Sifu Matt is offering an 8 hour seminar specially designed for this once a year event! All aspects of the system will be covered. This will be a hands-on, intensive training seminar addressing all three empty hand forms, Mook Yan Jong techniques, and Chi Sao. 

The atmosphere will be rather informal with LOTS of hands-on training. There will be several question and answer sessions for you to ask any questions about any part of the system. One of the key elements to Sifu Matt’s teaching is that there are never any secrets held back in the closed fist of the teacher. So, come and bring those questions and notebooks. 

This is an oppourtunity to make a real sea change in your understanding of the system, get lots of hands on training and have a great time with the whole association.

$65 for VTSDA Members (students of the academy who are not yet members of the MJVTA)
$50 for Association Members
$100 for all others. 

Lunch included. Please bring your own refillable water bottles.
Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can plan for food and other details. We want you to have a great time here in Chicago!

Not yet a member of the Matt Johnson Ving Tsun Association? This might be a great time to join! $50/year

For those staying the weekend, we have plans for dinner together and other options for weekend sightseeing. Details TBA.Image

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