Sunday Ving Tsun Training: Chi Sau Laboratory

Robert and Sifu Matt in a little fun chi sau

Forms + Chi Sau = Ideal Practice Laboratory

It was only the beginning of class and already the arms were flying and the chi sau and laughs were¬†erupting. Robert started it off by asking some questions about differences between the second and third forms and next thing you know, Sifu says,”Okay, let’s take a look in the lab.”

One of the great things about Ving Tsun is that you get to examine everything in your lab of chi sau (sticking hands) practice. Ip Man always used to say that Ving Tsun was a thinking man’s art because practicing made you smarter.

“But I thought you said, we shouldn’t think so much when we chi sau!”

Well yes, Gautam, that’s true but if you think and analyze while you do your forms then give full attention to what you’re sensing in chi sau – it all comes together. The trick is lots of training and training with concentration and focus.

On a side note, look who was in the school today…yes, that’s Theresa Bragado. Glad to have you back Theresa!