Class Structure Maximizes Your Training

Forms. Chi Sao practice. Fighting.

Mondays will be all about forms. We’ll work on basic training, forms, structure and understanding.

Tuesdays will be Chi Sau Intensive. We’ll look at the three empty hand forms and their relation to Chi Sau, as well as work on all aspects of Chi Sao practice, including Don Chi Sao, Seung Chi Sao, Poon Sao, Bong/Lop Sao, and Gwoh Sao.

Wednesdays we put it all together for self defense training. We’ll look at how to use your Ving Tsun against various kinds of attacks you might encounter on the street, and how Chi Sao practice teaches the practitioner to use his Ving Tsun in a real fight.

Saturdays will be open gym time. Students train on anything from the previous week’s classes, and can ask questions relating to the material.

This class structure insures that students receieve a well-rounded training experience that exposes them to all aspects of the Ving Tsun system.

For more information about learning the Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) system, contact Sifu Matt Johnson by phone or email and set up an interview to start you on the path to learning at the VTSDA.

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