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Kung Fu Life


I’ve been involved in one form of martial art or another for a long time now.

36 years to be exact. Not very long. I feel like I’m still just a beginner in a lot of ways.

For the last 26 of those years, I’ve devoted all my time and study to the art of Ving Tsun. Looking back now, I realize that what started out merely as a means to stop bullies from picking on me, became along the way, something much bigger and more important. As a kid I was skinny, not strong or tough at all; exactly the kind of kid bullies look for. One day, I said to myself, that’s enough!

So, in the beginning it was just the fighting that attracted me, learning to stack ass and take names. And I did pretty well at it. Over time, I’ve stacked a lot of ass and taken plenty of names. But one day I realized the silliness of it all. I also saw a deeper truth: I was at risk of turning into a bully myself with my new found powers. I thought there had to be more than just learning how to throw a punch and hurt someone. Hell, you don’t even need kung fu to punch someone in the face. So what’s it really all about then?


In my quest to find that out, I’ve talked with many kung fu teachers in the USA as well as Hong Kong and China. Especially I’ve had long talks with my own guide of the last 14 years, Master Ip Ching in Hong Kong. ONE thing keeps coming up with EVERY master I’ve talked with. ONE thing that keeps coming up over and over again. And that is, that kung fu is not about fighting. In fact, Sifu Ip Ching said just last April, to one of my students during one of our annual visits to see him, “when a person learns kung fu and practices for a while, you don’t ever want to have to use it, and will do whatever it takes to not have to use it.”

So, what’s it all really about then?

Well, I’ve decided to share with you all what I’ve discovered so far and what I continue to investigate regarding that question through weekly blog posts. You can come along on this kung fu journey, and learn with me each and every day I teach and train. The journey is ongoing. Day by day. Moment by moment. One training session at a time. I’ll share what I’ve learned: from my Sifu in Hong Kong, from teaching my students to walk the path, from watching as they make their own discoveries, and from what I’ve discovered through the hard work of daily training.

Some posts will be short. Some longer. Not all will be about the system of Ving Tsun directly, but many will. Some posts will be about the nuts and bolts of the Ving Tsun system and how to train and understand it correctly, and some will be more about the journey of a man doing his best to live what Sifu Ip Ching calls the, “Kung Fu Way of Life.”

So, I invite you to come back each week to read the blog. Perhaps I can help you understand what this journey is all about, and help you to live the “Kung fu life”.

Sifu Matt


New Chi Sau and Wooden Dummy Videos


Sifu Matt Chi Sau with Rick

Robert Training on the Wooden Dummy


To get good results, you need to train a lot. Even when you don’t feel so great. These photos and video were taken right after Sifu Matt’s encounter with a wicked intestinal virus.

Make your training something you just do. Every day.

Then your ving tsun will be strong and ready if you need it.




Ving Tsun Training 9/21/11

A great class tonight at the Ving Tsun Self Defense Academy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the pictures everyone and don’t forget to check out the youtube videos too. 



Weekend Ving Tsun Training at the VTSDA

Great wide-view photo of the school.

Suddenly I realize as I was downloading the photos you guys took today, I couldn’t help but hear that corny old Carl Douglas song, “Everybody was kung fu fighting….”

Kung fu brothers having a go

Perla working on Siu Lim Tau in a private lesson with Sifu Matt

(Photos courtesy of Chris and Perla Kellner)

It was so great to spend the day teaching meditation and tai chi and then have lunch with the Ving Tsun family,  including some of the Iowa branch.  (even if you guys were a little bit sweaty after all your wing chun!)

New Classes: Self Defense for Ladies and Gentlemen

We may only be half-way through Sept. but it’s not too soon to think about starting your self defense training this October. Though of course, late monthly starters are always welcome. (Join after the 15th and we pro-rate your tuition.)

Now that the Halloween candy and decorations are in stores it won’t be long before the winter holiday season is upon us. We certainly like to focus on the positive aspects of holiday time but the truth is, holiday shopping season can also be a time of greater opportunity for smash and grab type theft.

From News Radio 710 KEEL website about purse snatching story

So, when you are out shopping please be aware of your surroundings. If someone tries to grab your stuff, weigh how important the stuff is VS your life.  Might be best to let it go. If someone grabs you with intent to harm, it’s best to be prepared to do something that at least would allow you to get away fast. If you start training now you could be in a much better position to do just that if the need arose during the coming holiday season.

An ounce of prevention, as the saying goes…

Check out our website. Read the reviews and please, give us a call. Sifu Matt is happy to answer your questions.

You should be able to find all basic info about class times, pricing etc. is on the web site.  If you have any trouble finding your way around the site, we’d like to know that too.


Wishing you a safe and happy fall season.

Sifu Matt Teaches Ving Tsun’s Bong Lop with Turning the Waist

Check out this short video of Sifu Matt teaching bong sau/lop sau with the essential aspect of turning the waist, (Yu Ma). (Thanks to student, Joseph)

If you want to defend yourself effectively, it’s pretty important to get out of the way of the attack but still be in position to come on with your own attack (counter attack) and then hopefully get out of there with no one hurt too badly.

Robert and Aaron Working of Self Defense Applications