Lots pf great training at the school last week. Here are a few snap shots of what folks were up to. Notice, the notebook! Taking notes is a really good idea.


Also note the long pole, which is very advanced practice.


Photos by Hillary Johnson


Sunday Ving Tsun Training: Chi Sau Laboratory

Sunday Ving Tsun Training: Chi Sau Laboratory.

Biu Gee Practice

Robert training Siu Lim Tau

Robert, a student at the VTSDA manages a rigorous work and school schedule but always makes time to train his ving tsun. He came in the other night on a break from his pre-graduation grind to train the forms including this very nice work on Biu Gee, the third empty handed form of ving tsun.

He’s clearly taken to heart the message delivered by Sifu Matt on a consistent basis…that is, if you want to have good ving tsun you gotta train; busy, tired, whatever, every single day.

Nice work Robert.

Nothing so good as basic training – Siu Lim Tau


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Robert came in tonight to train. Tired from school. Worn out from work. He came in and trained.


Tonights Training at the VTSDA

Students were all hard at it this evening…

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forms training, bong sau/lop sau, chi sau.

What good work.

Chum Kiu Training

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Sifu Matt teaching chum kiu to a student at the VTSDA