Stop Cell Phone Attacks with Ving Tsun

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Check out this news story about a national epidemic of people being attacked while using their cell phones. 

First, Pay Attention

First of all, you can stop this from happening by not walking around blindly unaware of your surroundings while chatting or texting. This kind of behavior makes you a prime target for attacks. If you notice in the video, in each assault, the victim had their complete attention on their phones and were not noticing anything about what was going on around them. For a predator, this is the same as being the lame, lone animal on the edge of the herd alone and vulnerable. Those are the animals who are attacked by bigger, fiercer animals whose only job is to hunt out their prey. Doesn’t sound too nice, does it? Maybe we should all think twice about walking around with our phones out. Sorry Apple! Put your iPhone in your pocket.

Second, Be Prepared to FIght Effectively

Dealing with sucker punches and surprise attacks is what Ving Tsun is all about. The likelihood of being attacked by a trained fighter is pretty slim. Ving Tsun is simple, effective and direct. It can stop an attacker as soon as the assault begins. Ving Tsun is easy to learn and in fairly short order, you can have the basic skills that can help keep yourself safer. Call and make your appointment today at the VTSDA. Don’t wait until you have already become a victim!

Stay safe, everyone,

Sifu Matt