190 North INterviews Sifu Matt on 2nd Friday!


Demonstration Leaves Audience Saying, “Whoa”

Sifu Matt got the whole school involved in demonstrations of Ving Tsun’s practical no -nonsense self defense in front of a standing room only crowd tonight. Addressing the problem of a recent growing epidemic of violent attacks on individuals across the country, assaulted while using their cell phones, Sifu made clear that anyone can learn to use this system to keep themselves safe.

“Don’t wait until you’ve already been made a victim. Learn to defend yourself now. Learn to be more aware as you move though an urban environment now,” he said. “The VTSDA offers classes 5 days a week.”


Anyone can do to learn this. I’m here to teach you. Call us and set up your time to come and see for yourself. 773/301-6257

The segment on 190 North will air April 29th.