The VTSDA Takes Credit/Debit Cards

Paying for your kung fu just got easier.
Whether you want to reserve private lessons, buy t-shirts or take care of your monthly tuition, you can do it all with your credit or debit card.  No more dealing with cash or checks. More secure and easier for you!







Two Ways to Pay

Right now, you can pay in person or over the phone. Either way, it’s quick and easy! Soon, you’ll be able to do all this right through the web site too. Stay tuned.

Recurring Payments
Now, taking care of your monthly tuition for the whole year is a snap. We can set up a recurring payment so you have to have one less thing to worry about. All you have to do is train.

What Next?
Call Sifu Matt and he can set you up for auto-payment of your tuition monthly right then and there. You can also take care of reservations and payments for  private and semi-private training. It takes about a minute. 773-301-6257

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English: cell phone icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)