3rd Annual MJVTA Family Gathering July 19-24, 2012

ImageBasic Schedule

This outlines the basic schedule for the 6 days spanning the gathering. Because most of you will be here over the weekend for the 20th- 22, you’ll see the schedule is very full over those few days. So get some rest and get ready! Tell us what you want to do!

This offers a basic outline of what’s going on – private lesson time, free open classes, sight-seeing and so on. Please contact Sifu or Simo with any questions or concerns.

Where: 1839 S Halsted St Chicago, Il 60608

Thurday 7/19:
Texas contingent arrives. Private lesson slots 3-5pm. Informal dinner.

Friday 7/20:
Private lesson slots 9am-12pm.
Lunch and Sightseeing.
Iowa/Minnesota Contingents arrive.
Free Open class 5-8:30pm Dinner. 

Saturday 7/21:
Seminar Empty Handed Forms and Applications for Fighting. 9am-4pm
“Wing Chun: A Documentary” Screening of movie. 5-6:30pm
Cookout at the VTSDA

Sunday 7/22:
Private lesson slots 9-11am
Free Open Class 11am-12:30pm
Lunch/Sightseeing 1pm -?

Monday 7/23:
Private lesson slots 9am-12noon
Free Open Class 5-8:30pm
Farewell Dinner in Chinatown

Tuesday 7/24:
Private lesson time or final shopping sightseeing, get ready for airport.

Sifu 773-301-6257 Simo 312-714-4563