Contacting Us Via Email


Good morning kung fu brothers and sisters,

It has come to our attention that there’s been some kind of issue with the capacity of the WordPress site when you all use a contact form to let us know you’re interested in coming for a visit. That’s a real bummer and we’re sorry.

Please know we are working on getting it fixed. We think that all the forms now include a mandatory email entry box. But please, do us and yourself a favor. When you use the form add your email inside the text box at the end where you can tell us about yourself a little, your interest in ving tsun kung fu or martial arts generally. That way, no mater what, we will be able to respond to your kind inquiry.

Thanks so much and train on!


5 thoughts on “Contacting Us Via Email

  1. Are you still giving classes? The dates on your page and yelp are 2-4 years old, so I was not sure if you closed. My son is 17 and is interested in Kung Fu. We live in the south loop, so your location is very convenient.


  2. Yes we are very much so. Admittedly the website sometimes doesn’t get the attention in deserves. Apologies for that. If you are still interested, we are definitely here and welcome you and your son for a visit.


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