Training Before Kung Fu Camp

Lots of great training tonight at the VTSDA. Everyone is really gearing up for the Ving TSun camp this weekend. Haven't signed up yet? There's still time! But not much. Contact us right away to reserve your spot. All levels welcome. Great way to get an in-depth exposure to the art if you are thinking about training with us.

Lots of great training tonight at the VTSDA. Everyone is really gearing up for the Ving TSun camp this weekend. Haven’t signed up yet? There’s still time! But not much. Contact us right away to reserve your spot. All levels welcome. Great way to get an in-depth exposure to the art if you are thinking about training with us.

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Ving Tsun Students All Levels

At the Ving Tsun Self Defense Academy we train everyone together. Beginners, long-time students, adults and youth. It makes for better training and more of a traditional feel. This is how my Sifu, Ip Ching teaches in Hong Kong at the VTAA. Not only do I see that it works well for him, but in my own school, I see that students learn better, form the kinds of tight bonds and lack of ego that you want in a good school of kung fu sisters and brothers and that their ving tsun develops nicely.

Here are some photos from tonight’s class. You can see every kind of ving tsun training happening at the same time.

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Think it loks good? We’re currently accepting new students. Register or call for your interview today.

Saturday Training at the VSTDA

We had a great night….

…during the Chicago Arts District 2nd Friday last night. It was super busy and lots of people came by to check out Ving Tsun student, Rok Teasley’s new art work and to see what ving tsun is.

We followed it up with some mighty fine training. (Especially with some visiting members of our far-flung ving tsun family in town. Dr. Josh is in from Boston and Aaron, (who has a new school in the Champaign area) drove in so the kung fu brothers could have some time together training the ving tsun.

Here’s what some of the action looked like.

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We also had some really nice new guys stop by to check the school out. Always nice to make new friends.

Sifu Matt Featured in 2City News

Sifu Matt Johnson and the Ving Tsun Self Defense Academy is in the news!











Recently, the local news group 2City News conducted a three-part interview with Sifu Matt Johnson. Here is part one, in which Sifu gives the audience a basic grounding in what ving tsun is and why it’s so effective for self defense.

The article focuses as well on the problem of understaffed, under-served urban areas in which residents often feel they must fend for themselves:

Check out the rest of the article and the first video segment. And of course, stay tuned for part two, tomorrow!
Thanks to Zack Isaacs and the whole 2City crew for focusing on the academy and such an urgent set of security and self defense issues. As one of the very few U.S. schools with direct links to the Ip Man lineage of Ving Tsun/Wing Chun, we are dedicated to teaching ving tsun in it’s purest form to those who wish to defend themselves and their loved ones. We extend an invitation to anyone who may be interested to come in for an interview, watch a class and if interested, attend up to a week of classes free of charge, to make sure the school is a good fit for you and your self defense goals.

Sifu Matt’s Level One Seminar in Iowa

Sifu Matt will be in Iowa this August 26 at Chris Kellner’s Ving Tsun Martial Art Association at 4551 SHERIDAN ST , Davenport, Iowa 52806. The Sunday afternoon seminar will cover Siu Lim Tau and all material up to and including don chi sau. Bring your notebooks and be ready to enjoy a very active seminar at the VTMAA. Tuition for seminar is $50. RSVP. Limited number of spots available.

You don’t want to miss this Ving Tsun Seminar!

Regarding the upcoming seminar at the VTSDA, it’s all about building your ving tsun toolbox. In the morning, Sifu Matt Johnson will help you inventory the many tools available to us as outlined in the three empty-handed forms (siu lim tau, chum kiu, biu jee). In the afternoon, we’ll consider, in-depth, how to extract several of those tools from the form and put them into practical use for very serious self-defense and for use in chi sau tournaments. Space is limited so register now!

New Student Begins Ving Tsun Journey

It’s always fun and exciting when a new student begins their study of Ving Tsun.














This was especially true this evening when Donald got started this evening. Donald’s uncle is the owner of the  Chi Cafe in Chinatown, one of our very favorite spots to eat. They have terrific Hong Kong style food and are open till all hours. That means you can get late night congee any time you want!








Donald said he’s wanted to study for a while but between work and school, he had to wait until today.

Here’s what his first lesson looked like. (Pretty relaxed and friendly atmosphere, just like at the VTAA in Hong Kong.

First Sifu Matt taught him the opening to Siu Lim Tau…








Step by step, making little adjustments along the way.








Donald was focused all night and worked really hard.
It was easy to see how much he was enjoying learning at last.








The other students were glad to help of course. Humberto worked on punching with him.












Finally! Time to relax before heading out. Welcome to Ving Tsun, Donald! Glad to have you in the Matt Johnson Ving Tsun family.

Maybe you might want to try Ving Tsun too?

Understanding Siu Lim Tau

Sifu Matt Johnson will soon release his first ever instructional video, titled, “Understanding Siu Lim Tau.” Check out a little teaser on You Tube.

Whether you live near the school or far away, (Hey Texas and Chile!) this video will offer you a profoundly deep understanding of the most basic and essential aspects to Ving Tsun’s first empty handed form.

We’ll let you know when we are close to the release date so you can order yours. Members of the Matt Johnson Ving Tsun Association receive a nice discount.


190 North INterviews Sifu Matt on 2nd Friday!


Demonstration Leaves Audience Saying, “Whoa”

Sifu Matt got the whole school involved in demonstrations of Ving Tsun’s practical no -nonsense self defense in front of a standing room only crowd tonight. Addressing the problem of a recent growing epidemic of violent attacks on individuals across the country, assaulted while using their cell phones, Sifu made clear that anyone can learn to use this system to keep themselves safe.

“Don’t wait until you’ve already been made a victim. Learn to defend yourself now. Learn to be more aware as you move though an urban environment now,” he said. “The VTSDA offers classes 5 days a week.”


Anyone can do to learn this. I’m here to teach you. Call us and set up your time to come and see for yourself. 773/301-6257

The segment on 190 North will air April 29th.