Chi Sau Seminar Success and Events!

We really want to thank all of you who came from near and far for our January Chi Sau Seminar. It was a great way to kick off 2016. A lot of Aaron Heath’s students came from our Champaign school which was super cool.

We had a lot of fun and everyone learned a lot. So stay tuned because there’s much more to come!

We’re thinking the next seminar may be a combination of Wooden Dummy material, Mo Duk (proper code of conduct for martial arts practitioners) and kung fu culture.

And as always, we appreciate you sharing our news, events, Intro classes and so on. Don’t forget to tell your friends that they can come in and visit us anytime. Just call Sifu Matt Johnson at  773-301-6257 and we’ll get you set up.

You can follow us on Facebook too! This is a great way to hear about our monthly events like pot luck suppers, movie outings, (we went to see Ip Man 3)

or this Saturday’s celebration of Chinese New Year. (Year of the monkey!)

Or our Jan. 29th Haiku Writing Workshop
 led by William Seiyo Sheehan and reading by Gerry Stribling author of Buddhism for Dudes. (and please note, you don’t actually have to be a dude to totally love this book.)

The school is located in the heart of the Chicago Arts District at:
1839 S Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60608
Phone us at: 773/301-6257
Please note the CTA bus Route 8 stops right in front of the building.
There’s also plenty of free street parking all within short walking distance.



Applications from Second Section of Wooden Dummy: 2

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Application of the Second Section of the Wooden Dummy: 1

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Training Fundamentals = Strong Ving Tsun

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Sifu Matt Featured in 2City News

Sifu Matt Johnson and the Ving Tsun Self Defense Academy is in the news!











Recently, the local news group 2City News conducted a three-part interview with Sifu Matt Johnson. Here is part one, in which Sifu gives the audience a basic grounding in what ving tsun is and why it’s so effective for self defense.

The article focuses as well on the problem of understaffed, under-served urban areas in which residents often feel they must fend for themselves:

Check out the rest of the article and the first video segment. And of course, stay tuned for part two, tomorrow!
Thanks to Zack Isaacs and the whole 2City crew for focusing on the academy and such an urgent set of security and self defense issues. As one of the very few U.S. schools with direct links to the Ip Man lineage of Ving Tsun/Wing Chun, we are dedicated to teaching ving tsun in it’s purest form to those who wish to defend themselves and their loved ones. We extend an invitation to anyone who may be interested to come in for an interview, watch a class and if interested, attend up to a week of classes free of charge, to make sure the school is a good fit for you and your self defense goals.

3rd Annual MJVTA Family Gathering July 19-24, 2012

ImageBasic Schedule

This outlines the basic schedule for the 6 days spanning the gathering. Because most of you will be here over the weekend for the 20th- 22, you’ll see the schedule is very full over those few days. So get some rest and get ready! Tell us what you want to do!

This offers a basic outline of what’s going on – private lesson time, free open classes, sight-seeing and so on. Please contact Sifu or Simo with any questions or concerns.

Where: 1839 S Halsted St Chicago, Il 60608

Thurday 7/19:
Texas contingent arrives. Private lesson slots 3-5pm. Informal dinner.

Friday 7/20:
Private lesson slots 9am-12pm.
Lunch and Sightseeing.
Iowa/Minnesota Contingents arrive.
Free Open class 5-8:30pm Dinner. 

Saturday 7/21:
Seminar Empty Handed Forms and Applications for Fighting. 9am-4pm
“Wing Chun: A Documentary” Screening of movie. 5-6:30pm
Cookout at the VTSDA

Sunday 7/22:
Private lesson slots 9-11am
Free Open Class 11am-12:30pm
Lunch/Sightseeing 1pm -?

Monday 7/23:
Private lesson slots 9am-12noon
Free Open Class 5-8:30pm
Farewell Dinner in Chinatown

Tuesday 7/24:
Private lesson time or final shopping sightseeing, get ready for airport.

Sifu 773-301-6257 Simo 312-714-4563

The VTSDA Takes Credit/Debit Cards

Paying for your kung fu just got easier.
Whether you want to reserve private lessons, buy t-shirts or take care of your monthly tuition, you can do it all with your credit or debit card.  No more dealing with cash or checks. More secure and easier for you!







Two Ways to Pay

Right now, you can pay in person or over the phone. Either way, it’s quick and easy! Soon, you’ll be able to do all this right through the web site too. Stay tuned.

Recurring Payments
Now, taking care of your monthly tuition for the whole year is a snap. We can set up a recurring payment so you have to have one less thing to worry about. All you have to do is train.

What Next?
Call Sifu Matt and he can set you up for auto-payment of your tuition monthly right then and there. You can also take care of reservations and payments for  private and semi-private training. It takes about a minute. 773-301-6257

English: cell phone icon

English: cell phone icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)